There are myths about Ukrainian women’s commercialism invented by both Ukrainian and foreign men. The latter more often just tell stories of their acquaintances. Though, marriages contracted between Ukrainian women and foreign men are mostly successful, no matter how television tries to convince us it’s not so. Dozens of thousands of women married foreigners and live wonderfully in Turkey, Spain, Canada, China, Syria, Korea, and France. Let’s try and find out what it began with. Where did all these myths about Ukrainian women’s excessive love for money come from and who get profit from these gossips.

Love is a basis of a personal happiness of each person. However, everyone of us knows that love and money are incompatible things like earth and heaven, though there’s a certain connection between these two consistent parts of our life. A hungry and homeless person can’t dream of love. He has different problems – he wants to eat, he’s cold and he has no place to hide from rain. But if you give him some food, warm clothes and find a place where he can hide from cold weather, he’ll look at the sky and look at stars. He’ll dream not of glory, success or being famous, not of much money. He’ll dream of love, a simple human happiness – to be loved. It’s a need of every living being. The most mercenary women in the world are definitely not Ukrainian ones. You can’t often see in Ukrainian cities’ streets women in new Porsches or Ferraris, wearing brilliants and classy brand suits and extremely expensive fur coats. Surely, there are such women in Ukraine, but there are 2-3% of them. And taking into account that the remaining 20 mln of Ukrainian women live beyond poverty line, and there are 9 millions of lonely women among them, what commercialism are we talking about?

If a woman has a wish to live in comfort, it doesn’t show her commercialism. It speaks only of her being a woman and that she hasn’t dead as a woman yet.

Yes, money is a sign of success for Ukrainian women. And there is nothing bad about it. A man who gained much in life earns well. He’s more interesting as a companion and as a personality in general. Men without any ambitions are not interesting, the same as women.

The first date

In the west there is an opinion that Russian girls are the most approachable and easy ones. Only liberated French women could concur with the Russian ones. It’s a mistake and you’ll now understand that it’s not more than a myth invented by idle persons of petty interests.

About attractiveness – the Inner and the Outer one

Beauty, graciousness and grandeur of Ukrainian women was praised by all poets of the world. Laudations are still not ending. Are Russian women really so beautiful? And what does the notion of Ukrainian feminine beauty mean?

Tips and strategies for winning a heart

We have seen hundreds of advices how to win a heart of a lonely girl from Ukraine. And we assert that you should probably apply these tips in practice, but you should better make experiments in a different country. However, if you are hot and desperate we’ll add some small details to the given tips. You are sure to need them for winning a Ukrainian girl!

Mercantilism – what is it better to measure with?

There are legends about Ukrainian women’s mercantilism told by both Ukrainian and foreign men. The latter usually just tell stories from other men’s words. Let’s try and find out – what was the beginning. Where did these mercantilism legends come from and who has the profit of bandying about.

Sex and women from Ukraine

Numerous studies and social polls show a sad statistics concerning Ukrainian women – it was decided by the international poll that the most dissolute and easy women live in Russia and in Ukraine. “Ukrainian women are all prostitutes’, that’s what many people assert. Let’s try and puzzle it out.

Provincial VS Urban girls

Among tips of sating agencies there was the following one – don’t get married with girls from Ukrainian villages, as they grew up in poverty and treat men as a source of money. With the same precision one may say that men treat provincial girls as a source of sex. Because urban girls spoiled by civilization are just too tough for many men. Let’s not generalize.

Home, mode of life and family fire

We speak of moral qualities and characteristics of Russian women. However, even when one’s soul is not in the body, the body still lives in the society and you can’t live without a household and everyday problems. No matter if you want it or not, you’ll have to sink into routine.

Why do they want to get married abroad?

Maybe because people who live in extreme conditions can’t think of love – they just care about their survival. One’s body needs attention and it should be supported in at least elementary way. The second thing vital for any human being is attention and feelings. Where should a Russian woman look for them?