All poets of the world glorified beauty, femininity and attractiveness of Ukrainian women. Dithyrambs still go on. Are Ukrainian women really so beautiful? Those who have been to many countries can definitely say that there are no women more beautiful than Ukrainian ones. When going abroad girls from Ukraine just bathe in love and compliments and their nationality is unmistakably defined in any country of the world. But how? They are so different ¬– hot brunettes, bright chestnuts, warm blondes. And their eyes are of various colors and shades – from the brightest to tenderly blue ones. How is it possible to recognize a Ukrainian woman? By her walk. Her walk is sure, her head is proudly up and she looks straight ahead and sees very well delighted looks of men passing by.

Nobody can laugh like Ukrainian women do. An extremely charming, catchy laugh can really throw light on dark. However, neither her walk not her laugh and outer beauty aren’t shaping factors for defining of her nationality. A Ukrainian woman can be felt just behind you.
What is the secret?

Everything’s simple. Nature gave her the most valuable and great mysterious gift. It’s her energy, her inimitable strength which is like a magnet attracting to her, not depending on if you want it or not. This strength is something different – it’s lust for life. It’s a so pure, sincere, bright, hot energy that can’t be unnoticed. A Ukrainian’s woman’s energy is like a fire. And a tired traveler always likes it to get warm by the fire. And be sure, she’ll always feed you, make you warm, and cure your soul wounds, and no matter if you are a man of her dream or a common passer-by. For a Ukrainian woman a fact that someone needs her help is important. A maternal instinct isn’t so well-developed in any other woman. A girl from Ukraine will never think if to give birth to a child or not, because she needs a social success, furnish her household etc. She’ll rather be scared of being an old maid without any children.

Ukrainian women bear memory of generations in them – children are a real criterion of success and self-containment for them. Ukrainian women worship their family, children, respect their parents. They always put their husbands’ interests higher than their ones, and at the same time they manage to keep a household without help of any housemaids, bring up their children and help their husbands and support them and have their own business. At the same time such a lady is always well-cared-for and attractive, and she’ll never turn to a slave.

Where do they take these exhaustless strength to carry this disabling burden?
Faith, Hope and Love are three eternal friends and companions of Ukrainian women. Because they believe, hope and love, their vital power reserve is limitless and their heart’s fire burns bright and hot. Probably, she is an idealist, maybe her demands are inflated, as some men think, maybe she has her character and a big disadvantage of acting before thinking. But there is no devilry or prudence in Ukrainian women, they can’t calculate everything beforehand, though many of them are good chess players.

The first date

In the west there is an opinion that Russian girls are the most approachable and easy ones. Only liberated French women could concur with the Russian ones. It’s a mistake and you’ll now understand that it’s not more than a myth invented by idle persons of petty interests.

About attractiveness – the Inner and the Outer one

Beauty, graciousness and grandeur of Ukrainian women was praised by all poets of the world. Laudations are still not ending. Are Russian women really so beautiful? And what does the notion of Ukrainian feminine beauty mean?

Tips and strategies for winning a heart

We have seen hundreds of advices how to win a heart of a lonely girl from Ukraine. And we assert that you should probably apply these tips in practice, but you should better make experiments in a different country. However, if you are hot and desperate we’ll add some small details to the given tips. You are sure to need them for winning a Ukrainian girl!

Mercantilism – what is it better to measure with?

There are legends about Ukrainian women’s mercantilism told by both Ukrainian and foreign men. The latter usually just tell stories from other men’s words. Let’s try and find out – what was the beginning. Where did these mercantilism legends come from and who has the profit of bandying about.

Sex and women from Ukraine

Numerous studies and social polls show a sad statistics concerning Ukrainian women – it was decided by the international poll that the most dissolute and easy women live in Russia and in Ukraine. “Ukrainian women are all prostitutes’, that’s what many people assert. Let’s try and puzzle it out.

Provincial VS Urban girls

Among tips of sating agencies there was the following one – don’t get married with girls from Ukrainian villages, as they grew up in poverty and treat men as a source of money. With the same precision one may say that men treat provincial girls as a source of sex. Because urban girls spoiled by civilization are just too tough for many men. Let’s not generalize.

Home, mode of life and family fire

We speak of moral qualities and characteristics of Russian women. However, even when one’s soul is not in the body, the body still lives in the society and you can’t live without a household and everyday problems. No matter if you want it or not, you’ll have to sink into routine.

Why do they want to get married abroad?

Maybe because people who live in extreme conditions can’t think of love – they just care about their survival. One’s body needs attention and it should be supported in at least elementary way. The second thing vital for any human being is attention and feelings. Where should a Russian woman look for them?