Be persistent in your courtship. If a Ukrainian girl didn’t come back at once, don’t be disappointed! Representatives of the weaker sex like it when men strive for them. Both standard methods like flowers and love poems and original methods will help to change their wrath to mercy. If you use the original ones like singing serenades under balconies, especially at nights it is better to wear a hockey helmet for kind neighbors or a lady herself not to hit you. A Ukrainian woman doesn’t adequately react to original actions. For you it may seem original, while she may be shocked and she can even hit you for that.

Ukrainian girls don’t like boring men who can’t understand they have no single chance at all. And songs, flowers and poems won’t help here. She’ll always hint that she likes you even if she resists. You should be persistent only in a case when you are sure she likes you.

Tip N 2 Think over your every step. Try not to make mistakes. Ukrainian girls don’t like donkey acts and guys who can’t keep their promise. That’s why you’ll have to develop a plan how to make a girl fall in love with you and follow it inviolately. But don’t think over anything beforehand, be natural! You’ll be pegged at once. And you’ll be definitely unlucky because Ukrainian women have a specific logics – and its name is intuition. She is sure to think that everything is too smooth, there’s a catch. She is sure to want something from me. I still don’t know what but I am sure to dig down for it!’ And your choice will turn to a real Agatha Christie from a charming creature and she’ll find what you concealed. And not only about you but from friends of your friends. And you definitely shouldn’t promise anything. Though many Ukrainian women don’t attach much importance to men’s promises and question everything, don’t promise in vain.

Be generous to the extent. Generosity won’t be out of place. Some people are ready for a profusive generosity. It depends on how it will be expressed. You definitely shouldn’t be lavish of feelings. Give presents your financial state and heart allows you to give. Don’t be afraid to spend money, the main thing is to give presents from the heart. Ukrainian women seldom dream of expensive things. Give them a yacht and she is sure to ask if you aren’t crazy and what she would do with it. But she is sure to be pleased with a romantic evening with you on this yacht. All presents should emphasize your feelings. She won’t appraise candles bought for 1000 K dollars each. She’ll appraise the number of candles lit for her, even if they are simple ones and are cheap, and your tender words said to her with these candles. Ukrainian women aren’t used to luxury in their majority, that’s why there is no need in shocking them with expensive presents and accustoming them to what they don’t understand. The value of a present is for it to be useful and indulge the soul. Her eyes will always tell you what she likes. Be observant and you’ll be lucky.

The first date

In the west there is an opinion that Russian girls are the most approachable and easy ones. Only liberated French women could concur with the Russian ones. It’s a mistake and you’ll now understand that it’s not more than a myth invented by idle persons of petty interests.

About attractiveness – the Inner and the Outer one

Beauty, graciousness and grandeur of Ukrainian women was praised by all poets of the world. Laudations are still not ending. Are Russian women really so beautiful? And what does the notion of Ukrainian feminine beauty mean?

Tips and strategies for winning a heart

We have seen hundreds of advices how to win a heart of a lonely girl from Ukraine. And we assert that you should probably apply these tips in practice, but you should better make experiments in a different country. However, if you are hot and desperate we’ll add some small details to the given tips. You are sure to need them for winning a Ukrainian girl!

Mercantilism – what is it better to measure with?

There are legends about Ukrainian women’s mercantilism told by both Ukrainian and foreign men. The latter usually just tell stories from other men’s words. Let’s try and find out – what was the beginning. Where did these mercantilism legends come from and who has the profit of bandying about.

Sex and women from Ukraine

Numerous studies and social polls show a sad statistics concerning Ukrainian women – it was decided by the international poll that the most dissolute and easy women live in Russia and in Ukraine. “Ukrainian women are all prostitutes’, that’s what many people assert. Let’s try and puzzle it out.

Provincial VS Urban girls

Among tips of sating agencies there was the following one – don’t get married with girls from Ukrainian villages, as they grew up in poverty and treat men as a source of money. With the same precision one may say that men treat provincial girls as a source of sex. Because urban girls spoiled by civilization are just too tough for many men. Let’s not generalize.

Home, mode of life and family fire

We speak of moral qualities and characteristics of Russian women. However, even when one’s soul is not in the body, the body still lives in the society and you can’t live without a household and everyday problems. No matter if you want it or not, you’ll have to sink into routine.

Why do they want to get married abroad?

Maybe because people who live in extreme conditions can’t think of love – they just care about their survival. One’s body needs attention and it should be supported in at least elementary way. The second thing vital for any human being is attention and feelings. Where should a Russian woman look for them?