For a Ukrainian woman love and war are the same – a battlefield you either hold the line on or attack. Every girl from Ukraine with absence of logic is a wonderful strategist in love battles.
Probably, she isn’t logical, but an amazing intuition tells her wonderful turns. That’s why don’t expect that after a long siege you’ll see a white flag hanging from her balcony. Since the moment of your acquaintance events develop only in three variants, there is no fourth one existing. Let’s analyze possible variants of developing of your relations.

1. Surrenders without any fight
– a very rare case if she doesn’t want to just spend time in a pleasant way to leave you forever in the morning. You should take into account the fact that we all live in the modern life where sex isn’t anything shameful or immoral. What if she didn’t surrender without a fight and you are practically sure that she’s in love with you? What is the reason of such a haste and why are some women ready to open their embraces for you too quickly?
Some men are real lucky ones or refined politicians, they just found themselves in a right place and right time and gave their strong shoulder at the moment when a lady was the most vulnerable and defenceless. Probably now her heart is broken or there is a black line in her life, and worries trapped her. And here you are – as large as life, such a pleasant, polite man, ready to take care of a woman.
If you are really aimed at serious relationships, you are lucky. Because a Ukrainian woman will appraise your care and attention as no any other woman. You may be sure that the near future will be cloudless and mysterious (if you don’t abuse her trust). All the rest depends on you. In real life, Ukrainian women are the most faithful wives. They like flowers – the more cautiously you treat them, the longer they flourish.

2. She never surrenders – a quite popular case.
Some men make titanic efforts to get an attention of their beloved ones, but an intractable lady doesn’t change her defense position and a desperate conqueror has to escape the battlefield. Why does it happen so and is it possible to fight it? Let’s recollect an absence of any logics in the majority of Ukrainian women (let’s not mix intelligence with logics!) In this case the following principle works – ‘there were no butterflies in my stomach’.
Probably a black cat crossed the road in front of you or an old lady with an empty bucket went near you – you can recollect thousands of superstitions to analyse your unluckiness.
One may enumerate thousands of reasons and try to find an explanation for this. Believe me, you shouldn’t ask yourself ‘Why?’ much and you shouldn’t analyze the situation at all. There is no answer to this question. Maybe your pheromones didn’t switch her receptors on. There is no need to try to come to this back later and try your charm again with this Ukrainian girl who positively refused you. You’ll only regret of a time wasted.

3. Surrenders after a long siege – the most popular case.
The most stubborn and persistent men just take an unassailable fortress by starvation. And then a woman yields. But not because she is tired of such a long and persistent courtship. First, it flatters every woman when a man persistently and for a long time shows some signs of attention. She thinks that if a man is so persistent she has a huge potential – he is really the most purposeful, faithful, and reliable in everyday life. And when she is older than 30 and she has had a bitter experience of being disappointed in love, her heart is searching for warmth, comfort, and calmness, for an only one she would like to live her life with and grow old with… Here the most interesting things begin, and a mysterious soul of a Ukrainian woman doesn’t reveal the veil of mystery, and just makes you completely puzzled. How can one understand her? It was yesterday when she refused you just to dine in a restaurant without any continuation at your place and today she comes to you with her suitcase and says that she likes it at your place very much and she will probably stay here. Forever, by the way. There is practically no man ready to such a turn of events. If he isn’t a romantic and hippie.
What happens in the head of this lovely creature who was inaccessible yesterday? What is the reason for such changes?
It’s only a Ukrainian woman who is able to consider all the pros and cons in the course of several hours (sometimes it happens even without a long and tiresome siege, she just felt butterflies in her stomach and she decided it was so). And her rich imagination turns you – a yesterday’s shabby knight into a grey donkey into a wonderful prince on a white horse. Everything is looking perfect in her imagination now – the prince has a white horse and golden eggs!
Now hold on! You will be caressed, well-fed and just loved to death. You won’t even think of a cup of coffee you’ll see not just coffee but a lit cigarette in front of you (even if your woman doesn’t know how to smoke). And on your table near your bed there will be bacon and eggs smelling wonderfully, porridge and sandwiches, in general, everything you eat and don’t eat. Your well-ironed clothes will be neatly hung on your chair nearby and your tie will be carefully tied, a bit tighter than you wish it to be...

The first date

In the west there is an opinion that Russian girls are the most approachable and easy ones. Only liberated French women could concur with the Russian ones. It’s a mistake and you’ll now understand that it’s not more than a myth invented by idle persons of petty interests.

About attractiveness – the Inner and the Outer one

Beauty, graciousness and grandeur of Ukrainian women was praised by all poets of the world. Laudations are still not ending. Are Russian women really so beautiful? And what does the notion of Ukrainian feminine beauty mean?

Tips and strategies for winning a heart

We have seen hundreds of advices how to win a heart of a lonely girl from Ukraine. And we assert that you should probably apply these tips in practice, but you should better make experiments in a different country. However, if you are hot and desperate we’ll add some small details to the given tips. You are sure to need them for winning a Ukrainian girl!

Mercantilism – what is it better to measure with?

There are legends about Ukrainian women’s mercantilism told by both Ukrainian and foreign men. The latter usually just tell stories from other men’s words. Let’s try and find out – what was the beginning. Where did these mercantilism legends come from and who has the profit of bandying about.

Sex and women from Ukraine

Numerous studies and social polls show a sad statistics concerning Ukrainian women – it was decided by the international poll that the most dissolute and easy women live in Russia and in Ukraine. “Ukrainian women are all prostitutes’, that’s what many people assert. Let’s try and puzzle it out.

Provincial VS Urban girls

Among tips of sating agencies there was the following one – don’t get married with girls from Ukrainian villages, as they grew up in poverty and treat men as a source of money. With the same precision one may say that men treat provincial girls as a source of sex. Because urban girls spoiled by civilization are just too tough for many men. Let’s not generalize.

Home, mode of life and family fire

We speak of moral qualities and characteristics of Russian women. However, even when one’s soul is not in the body, the body still lives in the society and you can’t live without a household and everyday problems. No matter if you want it or not, you’ll have to sink into routine.

Why do they want to get married abroad?

Maybe because people who live in extreme conditions can’t think of love – they just care about their survival. One’s body needs attention and it should be supported in at least elementary way. The second thing vital for any human being is attention and feelings. Where should a Russian woman look for them?