Ukrainian women: dating and marriage

If Google, Yahoo! Or any other search engine lead you to this site, one can easily assume that you are really interested in the mysterious Ukrainian woman’s soul. However, we would like to worn you from the very beginning: if you are not romantic, if you try to measure everything using your logics you’ll hardly understand anything and the mystery won’t reveal itself to you even for a while. Because there is no sequence in what is written here, ant it’s not a FAQ for winning a Ukrainian woman’s heart. Here are no instructions or tips you should follow. It goes about authentically ukraine women, and real life and real people’s stories are collected.

Everything written here is a cry from the heart of lonely Ukrainian women that sounds like: ‘There is no need to understand me, just let me love you and love me. Take me as I am!’

A Ukrainian woman can’t pretend, she knows how to feel her partner’s mood and understands that if her beloved one is happy, it means that she herself is happy as well. But for her to want to act in a way you wish and for her to feel you, you should understand only one thing – how this beautiful and mysterious creation of nature is organized. If you don’t know what a bicycle is created for, you’ll never know how to ride it, even if you know what it consists of and under how it was made. And the most tasty and exotic fruit may seem repulsive to you if you don’t know how to eat it rightly, though you can be sure it is eatable.

Probably, having read this you’ll avoid many mistakes which western men make while trying to find a Russian wife on numerous dating sites. Probably, someone else’s experience will give you a hint for answers ‘why?’ and ‘how?’, but if you don’t find an answer here, it means you have a different situation and you should find it only in your heart, but in no way in your head!

There is another advice for men who want to make a Ukrainian bride fall in love with them. Don’t believe any winning instructions – a natural sharpness, gallantry, respect to a woman in a full meaning of this word will be the things which play an important role at the beginning. If you manage to attract her attention and will forget about yourself for some hours plunging into her world, if you will ask her only questions about what she likes, remember all trifles dear to her heart, such as her favorite flowers, her birthday etc., and in addition you’ll manage to make a small surprise for her on the next day (taking into account all the mentioned passions) you may be sure that the woman will look at you and not notice anyone else!

The first date

In the west there is an opinion that Russian girls are the most approachable and easy ones. Only liberated French women could concur with the Russian ones. It’s a mistake and you’ll now understand that it’s not more than a myth invented by idle persons of petty interests.

About attractiveness – the Inner and the Outer one

Beauty, graciousness and grandeur of Ukrainian women was praised by all poets of the world. Laudations are still not ending. Are Russian women really so beautiful? And what does the notion of Ukrainian feminine beauty mean?

Tips and strategies for winning a heart

We have seen hundreds of advices how to win a heart of a lonely girl from Ukraine. And we assert that you should probably apply these tips in practice, but you should better make experiments in a different country. However, if you are hot and desperate we’ll add some small details to the given tips. You are sure to need them for winning a Ukrainian girl!

Mercantilism – what is it better to measure with?

There are legends about Ukrainian women’s mercantilism told by both Ukrainian and foreign men. The latter usually just tell stories from other men’s words. Let’s try and find out – what was the beginning. Where did these mercantilism legends come from and who has the profit of bandying about.

Sex and women from Ukraine

Numerous studies and social polls show a sad statistics concerning Ukrainian women – it was decided by the international poll that the most dissolute and easy women live in Russia and in Ukraine. “Ukrainian women are all prostitutes’, that’s what many people assert. Let’s try and puzzle it out.

Provincial VS Urban girls

Among tips of sating agencies there was the following one – don’t get married with girls from Ukrainian villages, as they grew up in poverty and treat men as a source of money. With the same precision one may say that men treat provincial girls as a source of sex. Because urban girls spoiled by civilization are just too tough for many men. Let’s not generalize.

Home, mode of life and family fire

We speak of moral qualities and characteristics of Russian women. However, even when one’s soul is not in the body, the body still lives in the society and you can’t live without a household and everyday problems. No matter if you want it or not, you’ll have to sink into routine.

Why do they want to get married abroad?

Maybe because people who live in extreme conditions can’t think of love – they just care about their survival. One’s body needs attention and it should be supported in at least elementary way. The second thing vital for any human being is attention and feelings. Where should a Russian woman look for them?