Slavic girls are the most beautiful ones. It’s an axiom acknowledged by men from the whole world. Ukrainian ladies are considered to be good brides, that’s why thousands of lonely men from the USA and Europe come to this country to look for brides by mail. However, Ukraine is a country big even in Eurasian scale, and there live women different in their appearance and character in various parts of it. We asked men who have been to Ukraine not once where the most charming and attractive girls live.

‘I have been to many countries of Europe on business, but I am sure there are no girls more beautiful than in Kiev. It’s impossible to come across such a number of beautiful blondes with blue eyes in any country of the world. Moreover, these women are not just slim and sexy, they are very smart. They know what they are worth and they can hold their own, and at the same time they are very feminine and attractive’.

‘I am sure you can come across the most charming brides in Odessa. Ukrainian girls win almost every beauty contest! And there are so many classy models and beautiful actresses from this city! I even don’t know where my passion for exotic beauty originates from, but what man can stay indifferent to this burning look, suntanned skin and sexy forms? Odessa population is ethnically one of the most mixed ones in Ukraine, and that explains beauty of girls in this country to a certain extent. Surely, all women are beautiful, but an inimitable disposition of girls from Odessa that not every man can understand and appreciate differs them much from the other ones.

Also, I can’t but mention an amazing ability of Ukrainian women to look awesome till they are old. There is a special fire in their eyes that never ends and is understandable to men only. It’s a pity that with their attractiveness they become slaves when they are 45-50 and they sink in household affairs and routine. However, it’s a Ukrainian mentality.’

‘The most beautiful women? Definitely in Lvov. There are no variants here. I have been to Ukraine three times, and my every walk through Lvov is like walking on a podium. It’s impossible to convey this atmosphere in words: every woman is a star there! And men look at them with delight and thrill. I like everything about Lvov’s girls: from a perfect perfume to an ability to behave while talking, from a sincere smile to wonderful suits. Surely, Lvov is not the whole Ukraine, but believe that the whole image of the country is not much different from what I saw. In western Ukraine they know how to treat a woman like a queen. And women have no other choice but to be queens.’

A story of an American man who came to Ukraine in search of a bride and then found himself without a bride, documents, with no money in a hospital will be well known for a long time. We decided to puzzle out how foreign fiancés find themselves trapped..

Dating agencies in Ukraine and Russia are organizing romantic tours more often for foreign suitors who eager to find a ‘traditional wife’ wrote the Western press. According to these publications lots of those men are very tired of the independence of local ladies that is why they are going to Kiev, Ukraine where women are more appeasable.

Beauty is a relative notion. Everyone has their own ideals. Talking about attractiveness one can’t but acknowledge a general idea of how real beauties should look like. We asked men where the most attractive girls in Ukraine live

What kind of wife is better – a smart or a beautiful one? Probably, such a question has not once appeared in your mind, but always stayed unanswered. And what does marriage statistics say?