On sites of international dating services Ukrainian women are always noted for their wonderful professional photos. The thing here isn’t only in a wish of every woman to look billion dollars and show her best side, but in a whole collection of demands of dating agencies. Photos have their own specifics for them. The aim of such photo sessions is to present a woman to a maximal advantage for her profile to stand out on the background of other photos. There are usually from 5 to 10 photos in a profile. It means that every picture will have to show a girl’s advantages and conceal her drawbacks. At the same time, photos should preserve their natural beauty and reveal their sexuality to the full.

Irina from Kiev, 28 y/o Olga from Nikolaev, 21 y/o

How are such photos for dating agencies made?
First, it’s very important for a girl to change images for photo sessions on time. Usually there are from 3 to 4 of them of different styles. As a rule, they are: casual clothes, a business-like style, a business and sports one. A choice of clothes is very important, that’s why you should never let things drift, as clothes that was unsuccessfully chosen (formless, with pictures, too pompous or ornate) makes getting of suitable pictures too difficult.

Irina from Odessa, 38 y/o Juliya from Kharkov, 26 y/o

Second, a successful choice of a place for making pictures, as pictures are made in various images. One should choose a place for a photo session intelligently. If, for example, a photo session is performed outside, there should be a suitable architecture nearby to implement a business image as well. If the weather isn’t suitable for making pictures in the open, you should find a suitable photo studio. Far not all studios fit to the interior for photo sessions for a dating agency.

Illona from Kherson, 21 y/o Lina from Dnepropetrovsk, 32 y/o

Third, a literate make-up. A visage in such type of pictures is also very important. You shouldn’t rely on Photoshop only, as a Ukrainian woman in the photo should look natural. As a rule, dating agencies work with trusted visagistes who can guarantee that a work is be done well.
Fourth, photos’ processing. After a photo session pictures chosen should be retouched. At the same time, a retouch should be subtle and ordinary, as traces of Photoshop on the photos affect them badly.

Tatyana from Lviv, 31 y/o Nastya, 28 y/o

Results of such collective work of photographers and girls can be seen on our site, hundreds of completely different images and styles emphasizing beauty of Ukrainian girls, their sexuality and femininity, their special natural charm.

Viktoriya from Kiev, 26 y/o Alina from Poltava, 23 y/o

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