We can talk about beautiful half of humanity endlessly. In every country, in every city on every continent there is a particular relevance to the weaker sex. There are certain stereotypes about girls in any country. And they are completely different. When it comes to Russia – there is a woman in the headdress(kokoshnik) who wears fluffy scarf on the background of a wooden hut. When we think about England the woman turns into a fragile lady in a gray dress, restrained, elegant ready for her evening prayer. French ladies. This is a unique charm, elegance, lightness, charm on the background of Eiffel Tower. And what can be said about Ukrainian women?

‘Ukrainian brides’ became one of the most requested in the search engines query among foreigners associated with Ukraine. And foreign visitors, mostly male audience, typing a phrase there not to see pictures of charming beauties, but to find a wife. But why the ‘brides’ from Ukraine's are so in demand?
Everything is simple: education and classical concepts of the family are making unsophisticated Ukrainian woman an ‘object of hunting’ in the eyes of foreigners, who are in their own country have the majority of ‘emancipated’ women and cannot manage them. The desire to be with a girl from Ukraine well known beauty and the ability to cook very delicious food adds ‘the fuel to the fire’. The actual boom of the popularity of Russian brides began in the 90s from the moment when there were open borders between the two countries.

Yes, indeed, it is impossible to meet a Ukrainian woman, who would not have loved life and was closed, depressed and hysterical person. Life is good for them in all aspects. They like to be active and cheerful, beautiful and energetic. The actions of Ukrainian ladies are often reckless, but this is due to the passionate impulses of their hearts. Even in the most difficult times Ukrainians will never give up. They will act like nothing happened.

Slav women have such ability – they can start a life all over again, no matter at what age, for many women, life begins at 40, or even at 50 years old. That is why in Ukraine so often women are changing their image (as a rule, it happens once or twice a year). This is a wonderful ability that helps women to look great, be in the dynamics, follow the fashion and just cheer up. Such a simple attitude to things, an ease with which women perceive the joys and sorrows of life makes them so attractive and charming to others.

According to Kiev marriage agency for foreign men who visit Ukraine in search of a bride the most popular region in Ukraine is Kiev. The capital of Ukraine and Kiev region is visited by 40 percent of single men. According to the gentlemen, this is the place where they hope to find the ‘right’ companion who will always stay at home and take care of the kids who is not infected by feminist nonsense. An important factor is the leading position of Kiev in the world’s rating as a homeland of the most beautiful women.

A story of an American man who came to Ukraine in search of a bride and then found himself without a bride, documents, with no money in a hospital will be well known for a long time. We decided to puzzle out how foreign fiancés find themselves trapped..

Dating agencies in Ukraine and Russia are organizing romantic tours more often for foreign suitors who eager to find a ‘traditional wife’ wrote the Western press. According to these publications lots of those men are very tired of the independence of local ladies that is why they are going to Kiev, Ukraine where women are more appeasable.

Beauty is a relative notion. Everyone has their own ideals. Talking about attractiveness one can’t but acknowledge a general idea of how real beauties should look like. We asked men where the most attractive girls in Ukraine live

What kind of wife is better – a smart or a beautiful one? Probably, such a question has not once appeared in your mind, but always stayed unanswered. And what does marriage statistics say?