1. Are Ukrainian women attractive and beautiful? Is it true that here the most charming ladies live?
- Partly yes. Beauty is a subjective concept, that’s why it’s impossible to assert it unambiguously. However, a Slavic type of appearance is very popular among men and Ukraine is a historical center of Slavic nations’ settlements. Besides, rich genetic roots conditioned merging of a great number of attractive women’s types. That’s why Ukraine is considered to be a country where the most beautiful women live.

2. Are Ukrainian women scammers? Is date with them online safe?
- There are as many chances to be deceived by scammers on Ukrainian dating agencies’ sites as on any international dating sites. If you use free services chances to become a victim increase a lot. 85 percent of men who became victims of scammers got acquainted with them on free dating sites or in social networks. When turning to a dependable dating agency you are as a rule fully protected against scam, but you’ll have to pay for this.

3. Are Ukrainian women trustworthy and easy?
- Simplicity and reliability are historic requirements that Ukrainians have for what they ever faced in their life, beginning with a wheel and ending with modern technics, and they are still actual. And what about women…

Reliability is the most valuable Slavic women’s characteristic upon which family relations have been based. Beauty, intelligence, industry – those of course are also important factors for men, but without reliability and faithfulness they have no meaning if it goes about serious relations. If one speaks of easiness there’s no problem, everything’s simple :) A woman can’t be easy a priori, otherwise a man will lose any interest in her. With a Ukrainian woman it can be easy in communication, relationships, life, but one can’t call her easy in any way. These and many other answers to the questions about Ukrainian women can be found on our site Interesting facts, opinions of men, myths and stereotypes – all this is collected in one place.

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