Ukraine in the eyes of foreigners is the country of the easiest women and free sex. Their idea is that long-legged girls with big breasts and expressive eyes are beautiful, but poor. They are ready to have sex with anyone just for food. They can get married for a dinner in a restaurant. And they’ll be faithful wives, because there’s still patriarchy in Ukraine, and a husband is like a God in a family. Thousands of European and American men come to Ukraine like butterflies to a fire. Few of them want to arrange family happiness, but most of them go for fun. They are trapped by Ukrainian marriage business. Fake brides and experienced matched-makers from dating agencies cheat on foreign ‘princes’.

Dating business in Ukraine is extremely profitable, popular, and risky, tells a representative of agency of brides by mail Foreigners risk as well as women do. One can really get married and stay without money.
Foreign fiancés still look at Ukrainian girls in a stereotypical way. Their main stereotype that never lets down is that people in Ukraine, as well as in Russia and Belarus live below the poverty line. They see Cinderellas In Ukrainian girls and feel themselves princes. They make up unreal legends of themselves and promise heaps of gold. And their main aim is to entertain themselves. Dishonest matchmakers give them professional brides. Here are mean persons as well. That’s why girls consider expensive presents and restaurants a part of the program.

Men go for Slavic brides in an affected state. It is as if you are told that somewhere you can by brilliants at a price of glass. They imagine women from Eastern Europe – Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Belarus as mysterious beauties who still remember that a woman’s place Is in a kitchen, a husband is the main person in the family and they don’t know their rights and that’s why don’t talk about them.

Western ladies lose out to Slavic ones both in appearance and demands. Agree that it’s very tempting. Besides, some of their friends can win a lucky ticket and find a princess. And men go there having their rosy dreams and feel themselves almost princes from a fairy-tale. This psychological state is a perfect ground for falling in love. You should just see an object and you start suffering. Men fall in love with their fantasies, not real women they know nothing about.
What’s the origin of these stereotypes? There are quite many women from Eastern Europe in the west. And mostly Latinas and Romanian women work as prostitutes and dancers in night clubs. Russian, Ukrainian, and Moldavian women as a rule clean their flats, take care of sick old people, work as shop assistants in boutiques etc. They are beautiful, they aren’t afraid of work and almost always they are married and are faithful to their husbands. Everyone wants such a woman. Casanovas go to Eastern Europe. And here starts the game who will be the first to fool the other one around.

A story of an American man who came to Ukraine in search of a bride and then found himself without a bride, documents, with no money in a hospital will be well known for a long time. We decided to puzzle out how foreign fiancés find themselves trapped..

Dating agencies in Ukraine and Russia are organizing romantic tours more often for foreign suitors who eager to find a ‘traditional wife’ wrote the Western press. According to these publications lots of those men are very tired of the independence of local ladies that is why they are going to Kiev, Ukraine where women are more appeasable.

Beauty is a relative notion. Everyone has their own ideals. Talking about attractiveness one can’t but acknowledge a general idea of how real beauties should look like. We asked men where the most attractive girls in Ukraine live

What kind of wife is better – a smart or a beautiful one? Probably, such a question has not once appeared in your mind, but always stayed unanswered. And what does marriage statistics say?