An interesting research was performed by employees of a Russian dating agency ‘Russian wife’ after they analyzed a statistics of marriages of Slavic girls and western men. If 10 years ago the most beautiful girls were taken for wives most of all, now men behave in a completely different way. Conclusions of matchmakers fully confirm researches held by psychologists of two universities – Innsbruck (Austria) and East Western (in Illinois US state). It turned out that both western men and Russian women more and more strive for equality of sexes within marriage, and, as a result, representatives of the stronger sex while choosing a wife or a permanent partner evaluate not an outer attractiveness but an intelligence. In other words, they choose not beautiful and silly, but smart and educated ‘grey mice’.

A common sense tells men that a smart and educated Russian wife is able to adapt to new environment quickly, and even make a career and make a substantial contribution to a family budget, assert employees of a dating service.
However, speaking that beauty of Russian girls is just a ‘packing’, and they value ‘the essence’ and what is inside – a soul, men palter with truth. ‘Grey mice’ is a quite relative definition. Even completely usual Russian girls not gifted by nature with bright beauty know how to be attractive, sexy, and wished! Every of them is able to attract and charm.

It’s also interesting that a conception of ‘smart’ is understood by men not as IQ tests results and diplomas. They expect a completely different thing from Russian women. A smart wife shouldn’t display her intelligence, shouldn’t emphasize her superiority, shouldn’t try to analyze and look for a decision of vital problems on her own. An ideal Russian wife should be wise enough not to suppress a man, but raise a man in his own eyes, give him a possibility to be strong, manly, and solve all vital problems of his life and a life of his beloved woman.

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